Add Exterior (e)xpressions and Backyard Getaways to Your Home

We bet you’d never expect us to say this as a development company, but it’s not always just about the house itself. While the interior design of new homes in Chester County, PA, are certainly important, what about the backyard? Your dream home should also include your dream property with outdoor spaces with which to […]

Invent Yourself the Room You’ve Always Needed

The mundane–the everyday–the expected plain and normal house always just offers you the basics. It gives you the cookie cutter selection of what society thinks you want, when really you’re in need of something more specific. Your needs are precisely that: your needs. They encompass what rooms your lifestyle requires and they enable you to […]

How to Plan Out and Construct Your New Home with Expression

So you understand the perks of a custom home and get that you have more choices, but what exactly are those choices? How do you make a house your own? It’s a question many new homeowners ask when dealing with new home construction in Bucks County, PA. From interior design down to the very core […]

When it Comes to Our Custom Homes, there Never is any Whining

Investing in a new house is not a small feat; for some, it can even be an once-in-a-lifetime event. We understand the gravity of making a decision like this and how much it will impact you. That is why it is important to have a builder you can trust, backing you every step of the […]

The List of Pros to Give Yourself the Gift of a Custom Home this Holiday

“Home is where the heart is.” As Thanksgiving ends and more holidays follow, it becomes time to do something for yourself and for your family. Where do you want to share your hearth this holiday season? Have you always dreamed of cozying up to a fireplace at home? Make it real! We at Rotelle Studio(e) […]

Personaliz(e) Your Home’s Everything – From the Outside to the Inside

At Rotelle Studio(e), we don’t just provide you with the shell of a custom home; we also help create the core. Designing the unique architecture of your new home is one thing, yes, but we understand more than anyone that the inside also counts. Let’s face it, where do you spend most of your time? […]

Why You Should Let Your Dream Start with Rotelle Studio(e)

Everybody wants a house that feels like a home, but many get stuck in a generic process which eventually ends with every other house down the street looking identical. Where other companies lack creativity, Rotelle Studio(e) promotes it. We want to take the brush to your canvas, drawing color into the perfect home you imagine. […]