The List of Pros to Give Yourself the Gift of a Custom Home this Holiday

November 28th, 2016

“Home is where the heart is.”

As Thanksgiving ends and more holidays follow, it becomes time to do something for yourself and for your family. Where do you want to share your hearth this holiday season? Have you always dreamed of cozying up to a fireplace at home? Make it real! We at Rotelle Studio(e) would like to show you our list of pros; we promise you, they will fill up the page and shift the scale.

Yours and nobody else’s
Your Rotelle Studio(e) custom home is designed by you, for you. This vision will encompass you with foundation and walls, allowing you the choice to express yourself in ways you may have never expected. There is no substitute for owning a home built solely for you.

Harnessing your lifestyle
Going along the design route, you can mold your home to fit your needs. It doesn’t just have to look pretty or express your style; it can also provide you with qualities you use day in and day out. Built-in book cases, a fireplace, basement bar, wine room, and as far as your imagination reaches we can provide.

Where you want it
There are many communities to choose from with many lot options. What size yard do you want? Maybe it’s too much to mow or maybe you have a dog and want him or her to have space to run. What school district would you choose for your children? Whatever it may be, you can make the choice.

Giving efficiency
Rotelle Studio(e)’s homes are built with energy efficiency and your comfort in mind. While already existing homes usually require costly maintenance, ours are brand new and designed for you. Instead of buying more space than you need, tone it down by choosing the right size for your family, ultimately saving on your utility bill. We will help you identify your needs so your home has everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Choose for today and tomorrow
Where will you be ten years down the road? Does your living space cover what you need now and what you’ll need later? Whether you need flexibility for a growing family or minimal space for efficiency, we will help you cover all of the bases (even the future ones).

Invest confidently
You can trust Rotelle Studio(e) with your decision. We will work with you, inspiring you, and ensuring that your investment is affordable and quality. We walk with you through all ten steps of our process, stopping along the way to help you understand everything.

Choosing Rotelle Studio(e) this holiday is a promise you will be thrilled with. Now is the time to make dreams become real; spend your holidays letting the magic come alive. It is our pleasure to hand you the keys to a home you have always wanted, but never thought you would own. We are here to tell you, now it’s possible.

It’s possible.