How to Plan Out and Construct Your New Home with Expression

February 7th, 2017

So you understand the perks of a custom home and get that you have more choices, but what exactly are those choices? How do you make a house your own? It’s a question many new homeowners ask when dealing with new home construction in Bucks County, PA. From interior design down to the very core of the floorplan, you have options with Rotelle Studio(e). These options not only meld to you and your family’s needs, but they also are a means of expression.


R o o m s   

What rooms do you want to include in your floorplan? Sit down, make a list, and start imagining! Do you want that basement bar you’ve always envisioned having? You could make a sunroom room entirely for your flowers and plants. If you love drinking tea, you could even invent a room just for serving hot beverages and enjoying the company of friends. From gyms to libraries, a custom home can be sculpted into anything you and your family needs or enjoys.  

F l o o r p l a n

How do you want to lay out your home? There are so many different combinations that none of them are identical–none of them are cookiecutter. Your floorplan is where you decide where you want your staircase in relation to your kitchen, how many bathrooms you want, if you want your master bedroom downstairs, and anything else you can think up. This will be the core of your home–the doors you open everyday. Take your time, and move at your own pace through the home of your dreams.

I n t e r i o r   D e s i g n

The final touches–the artful aspects are what make your home stand out: the bedroom molding, the french doors in the dining room, the chalkboard wall in your child’s bedroom, and the built-in bookcases. These unique additions can make your home more functional and more aesthetically appealing. Can you imagine walking through your kitchen past a set of farmhouse doors? These added decorations are what help express you.


You can make our custom homes your own. Your new home construction in Montgomery, PA will be one that is completely fitting for your family. Let the place you live be alive with your expression–let friends and guests share in your personal pizazz. Only with Rotelle Studio(e) will you be able to fully reflect your originality.