Add Exterior (e)xpressions and Backyard Getaways to Your Home

June 16th, 2017

We bet you’d never expect us to say this as a development company, but it’s not always just about the house itself. While the interior design of new homes in Chester County, PA, are certainly important, what about the backyard? Your dream home should also include your dream property with outdoor spaces with which to enjoy it. At Rotelle Studio(e), we bring you so many options to do just that. We understand how valuable it is to enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather here in Pennsylvania, so open up your windows and relish in the outdoors!

What kind of backyard getaway would you want?

Start imaging sharing the company of friends or family around an outdoor fire pit or fireplace on a cool summer night or even in the colder months. Or picture turning pages in the soft spring breeze under a cabana, poolside. We can bring you all those options and more — start envisioning your exterior expressions!


Screened Porches
Keep the bugs out and the zephyr in by choosing a screened porch area in which to lounge back in a comfortable chair and relax.  

Open Porches
Perfect for a display of potted plants or as a gardening station, porches are great for greeting guests/neighbors or just as a place to admire the front yard.

Trellises & Pergolas
If you love gardening, trellis and pergolas are perfect for that ivy or species of viney flowers. The framework of these structures shows off your climbing or trailing plants and make a great accent as well as shade for your outdoor space.

With a covered area to get out of the sun, cabanas are essential for those thinking of installing a pool later down the line. They are also great for families that spend a lot of time outside and need a place to have gatherings, parties or chilltime.

If you have a dog, want to keep your privacy in check, or just like the stylistic value, having a courtyard built around your property might just be the best idea you heard all day for your custom home.   

Decks & Patios
Both decks and patios alike create a flat surface outdoors for you to customize with options like:

  • Fire Pits and Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Barbeque Stations
  • Outdoor Showers


You can even have a setting to enjoy an outdoor meal with a cabana, pergola or just the clear, blue sky overhead. Whatever you choose, Rotelle Studio(e) can deliver. Now offering new homes in Chester Springs, PA, we are excited to get to work with you in creating and designing your dream home! Consider contacting us today and let’s start making it happen.