Happy to Be Here: The Journey to the “Good-Fit” Home

August 30th, 2017

Illustration by Heather Ryan of Rotelle Studio(e)

It’s always so interesting to me that no two homes are ever exactly alike. It’s as if a home’s bricks and mortar, windows and walls are merely a frame surrounding a beautiful painting of people, families and lives lived in unique ways.

Creating your home — your personal work of art — is really about the details. A quick internet search on sites like Houzz and Pinterest visually drives that home, showing how personal touches inside and out enrich a home, creating interest and telling stories about who we are and how we live. Details add color, texture, light and drama, ultimately speaking the language of home. Your home.

When building a custom home, you start with a blank canvas for visually telling your story. After choosing the big picture items like floor plans, exterior style, and property location, it’s time to focus on the inspired design elements and details.

Personal touches, from tailored trim to benches and niches, will make all the difference. The finish materials, lifestyle options, storage areas and in-between spaces that you will interact with everyday need to be considered with great care.

A good designer and architect team can help you look inward to articulate how you live, and more importantly, how you want to live. They will ask you about what you feel is missing in your existing home and explore any future changes that could impact your decision-making.

Are you planning a family, or anticipating an older parent moving in?

Are your decorating preferences formal or more casual?

Are you drawn to classic, transitional or modern styles?

Or are you completely unsure – but have a binder full of photo ideas taken from magazines?

Creating a “design inventory” before you begin your home project is an invaluable tool.

Thinking through your options and pinning down the details early on will result in a home where you can be exactly who you are, in joyful “good fit” spaces that will continue to inspire and comfort you.