How Will You Use Your Custom Home’s Outdoor Space?

July 10th, 2018

When you work with Rotelle Studio(e), you will choose every aspect of your new home design near Chester County, PA. You can add countless unique features to your home, from foyer staircases to convertible closets. You shouldn’t just think about your interior living areas, though. You should also consider how your outdoor space will shape the time you will spend in your one-of-a-kind home.

In the coming years, would you like to…?

Host a Big BBQ

With a barbeque station or outdoor kitchen on your new deck, you never need to step inside while the party is going strong. Invite the whole neighborhood to your home, and show off your skill on the grill!

Hang Out By the Pool

Turn your home into a tropical resort with a cabana. This structure invites you to lounge on the side of a pool or take a nap in the shade. A cabana is also the perfect place to throw a huge outdoor party.

Cozy Up By an Outdoor Fireplace

When the sun sets or the weather starts to turn chilly, you will still feel warm and cozy in your backyard. A fireplace or fire pit is an attractive focal point for your outdoor space where you and your guests will want to stay and talk long into the night.

Create a Gorgeous Garden

If you love to garden, then you should consider building a trellis on your property. This elegant structure adds an interesting feature to your garden where climbing plants and flowers can grow and thrive.

Organize a Charming Picnic

Pergolas are also designed to support climbing plants and are a perfect home to roses, honeysuckle, and ivy. They include a roof-like structure, which forms a lovely spot to set a bench or picnic table.

Relax in Your Own Little Hideaway

Create your own private space that is separated from the rest of your property but open to the air and sky. A courtyard is a great place to have a drink with a friend or read a good book with no distractions from the world beyond its walls.

Enjoy a Meal on a Screened-In Porch

Dining outside is lovely: fresh air, sunshine, thunderstorms, ants on your plate, mosquitoes that would like to eat you…Well, there might be a few downsides. A screened-in porch extends your home into the outdoors while protecting you from insects and changes in the weather.

Create the Beautiful Backyard of Your Dreams

In the video below, you can explore some of the custom backyards that we have designed for our clients. You can use them as inspiration when you work with our designers to create your own one-of-a-kind outdoor space!

Are you excited to start designing your new custom home with Rotelle Studio(e)? Check out our building lots in Montgomery County, PA, and across the region. Then, give us a call at 610-572-2013!