Ashley Addiction Treatment

August 23rd, 2018

Ashley Addiction Treatment was founded in 1983 by Father Joseph C. Martin S.S. and his friend and business partner, Mae Abraham, whose maiden name was Ashley. They are pictured here with the current CEO, Becky Flood (right). Rotelle Studio(e) will be auctioning off one of its custom designed sheds at its Second Annual Dream BIG Custom Home Event on September 15th to benefit Ashley’s mission to treat each person with dignity and respect.

The main campus of Ashley Addiction Treatment, the beneficiary of the Rotelle Studio(e) He vs. She Shed auction, is in Harve de Grace, MD. It is situated on 147 acres overlooking the Chesapeake Bay and has treated more than 45,000 patients and their families, including thousands from the Philadelphia region.



Why do people drink? That’s the intriguing topic of one of Father Martin’s famous “Chalk Talks” that date back to his days at Johns Hopkins University in 1964. A pioneer in the field of addiction treatment, he removed stigmas that deemed addiction a choice, rather than a disease. Rotelle Studio(e) has chosen Ashley Addiction Treatment as the beneficiary of the proceeds raised from its He vs. She Shed auction in September.

“Today your nightmare is over…”

Ashley Addiction Treatment has awarded $25 million in charitable care over the past 10 years to help people receive treatment for addictions. Rotelle Studio(e) will be contributing to that effort by donating the proceeds from its He vs. She Shed auction in September.

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