If you’re looking for items to customize your new bathroom, the list is probably endless. However, you can narrow it down to basic items, guest supplies, comforts, and other categories, depending on what you want. The level of customization will depend on your budget and design. Nonetheless, you don’t need to break the bank to have a custom functional bathroom.

If you live in Pennsylvania, Rotell(e) Studio(e) can help you design a custom bathroom around your budget. We have three decades of experience, and work on each project independently to produce the best results. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the items you will need for your new custom bathroom.

Basic Items

These are the essential items you need to ensure the bathroom is functional. They include things your bathroom shouldn’t do without, no matter how big or small.

  1. Soap (natural hand soap, green cleaning agents)
  2. Towels (bath, hand, washcloths, etc.)
  3. Bathroom mirror
  4. Wastebasket
  5. Plunger
  6. Toilet paper and storage
  7. Toilet brush and container
  8. Lighting

There are various other basic supplies you can purchase, depending on your preferences and bathroom size. For instance, if you love fragrances, an essential oil diffuser may be necessary. You can also include a shower curtain and soft-hued lights to add personality to the room.

Master Bathroom Supplies

Most custom homes Chester Springs residents build feature a master bathroom. If you have one, you probably spend time unwinding in it after a long day at work. It can also provide a refreshing bath in the morning, so you should have enough items to make you look your best and achieve comfort at the end of the day. In addition to the basic supplies, you might want to consider the following for your master bathroom:

  1. Organic cotton bath towels
  2. Soap dispenser
  3. Non-skid bathroom and tub mat
  4. Shower caddy
  5. Wall-mounted shelving
  6. Clothes hamper
  7. Cosmetic organizer

Personal Care Tools and Products

Depending on your preferences and daily schedules, you will need various personal products and tools. Some of the everyday personal care products and tools you might need include:

  1. Natural hair care and body wash
  2. Eye cream and face wash
  3. Natural body lotion
  4. Bath salts and bubble bath products
  5. Shaving cream
  6. Razors and nail clippers
  7. Hairbrush, dryer, straightener, and styler
  8. Mouthwash and dental floss

You can also include a bath pillow, space heater, robe, and slippers, or even a Bluetooth speaker for comfort.

Finding construction and remodeling companies in PA shouldn’t be a problem. However, not all offers you encounter are desirable. It is essential to find a reliable partner that can make the most of your ideas and budget. Rotell(e) Studio(e) is your trusted partner for new home construction in Chester County, PA, and the surrounding areas. We have over three decades of experience providing home customization and we take pride in our services, makeovers, and constructions. Contact us today to learn more about our home construction services!

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