Peter Rotelle holding big check dedicated to the Ashley Addiction Treatment Center

The H(e) Shed Auction Just Raised $11,011 for Ashley Addiction Treatment

The H(e) vs. Sh(e) Shed Shindig is over. The women won fair-and-square — but they’re not the only winners! Local realtor Meredith Jacks won the Sh(e) Shed in our raffle. Then, we auctioned off the H(e) Shed and successfully raised $11,011 for Ashley Addiction Treatment. The Charity Auction The H(e) Shed online charity auction ran from Sept. 21 to Oct. 7. The opening bid was $5,000, and the competition was fierce for this outstanding structure Read more…

Yellow home built by Rotell(e) Studio(e)

Multi-Generational Building Starts Here!

Multi-generational house plans are becoming one of the most popular, practical, and economical designs choices in today’s world, and Rotelle Custom Homes has become the leading expert on them! The idea is that the family can live under one roof, but not entirely together. This new trend makes perfect sense: parents move in to look after children, young adult children return home after college, and parents move in to be looked after. The value and Read more…

Picture of H(e) v.s Sh(e) Shed

Ty Pennington Joins Rotelle Studio(e) in Shed to Shed Battle of the Sexes

July 12th, 2018 This summer, the sexes will be duking it out in the backyard in the ultimate battle of the sheds.Rotelle Studio(e) CEO Peter Rotelle has enlisted Ty Pennington of “Trading Spaces” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” fame to help him go head-to-head with the premier eastern Pennsylvania custom home builder’s all-female design team in what is being billed as the He vs. She Shed Shindig. To Read the Full Article, Click Here.

Large Grassy Area With Homes in Background

Realtor v-spec

Selling a building lot in today’s market is a challenge. New regulations have made buying land and building a home more complicated than ever. This is where our v-spec program comes into play: with over 30 years of experience, our professional team includes highly-qualified engineers, surveyors, and soil scientists who can provide those answers to the tough questions and help you market your lot to a wider audience. How? By using our v-spec Program to Read more…

Three Stacks of One Dollar Bills

Realtor Bonus Program & Other Incentives

Take Advantage of our Rotelle V.I.P. R(e)peat Sales Incentives for Agents! In One Calendar Year-Bring Us Your Buyers and Receive: 1st Sale– 3% of the base price paid at settlement 2nd Sale– $1,000 bonus, along with 3% of the base price, paid at settlement. 3rd Sale– $5,000, along with 3% of the base price, paid at settlement. 4th Sale– free all-expense-paid vacation to the  Caribbean ($10,000 value), and 3% of the base price paid at settlement. *This only applies to full price offers – Read more…