The winter holiday season is upon us, which opens up nearly infinite possibilities for accessing and displaying the warm and celebratory aesthetics in our homes. If you are a new homeowner, you understand the hassle of unpacking, setting up furniture, dealing with HVAC and water heater systems, and all the rest of the initial domestic drudgery. So, the idea of shelling out money for decorations — on top of the ever-increasing holiday gift list — and the thought of actually putting holes in the walls to put them up, might seem a bit unattractive. 

Luckily, we at Rotell(e) understand the struggles of new ownership of custom homes, and we have prepared a manageable list of our own to help you get into the holiday spirit and start your decoration collection! 

Keep it Simple

The winter holiday season brings out more exuberance in people than most other times of the year, so it can be tempting to transform your home into a winter wonderland of fake snow, glitter, Hallmark Keepsakes, and string lights. However, over-the-top decorating tends to be a formidable stressor, especially for new homeowners. Instead of going overboard this season, we recommend that new homeowners keep their decor elegant and straightforward. 

One fantastic way to make the decorating process easier is to invest in affordable removable adhesive strips and hooks. The adhesive on these products is supremely durable and sticks to virtually every interior surface, and there are many outdoor options as well. In many cases, these simple plastic hooks and discreet strips are clear, can hold a fair amount of weight, and will leave no residue when you eventually take them down. You can find these at almost any of the hardware or retail stores in the area! 

Of course, if you prefer the more traditional route of hammer and nail, you can feel free to go ahead with that method; however, the removable hooks are much easier to install and will not leave marks after you remove them! 

Easy Holiday Decorations

Here are a few simple ways to decorate for your first holiday season in your new home: 

  • Wreaths: Symbolizing rebirth and the cyclical nature of life, wreaths have been popular holiday decorations for centuries. You can find these wreaths, typically with seasonal evergreens and red berries, pretty much everywhere. You can also create your own with inexpensive material from your local craft store. Hang them on your door, from the chandelier, or in windows. 
  • Garland & Stockings on the Mantelpiece: The mantelpiece over the hearth is a great home fixture from which you can hang garland and stockings. You can decorate the shelf with family knick-knacks, photos, and statuettes, and line window sills with garland, as well.
  • String Lights for Porch and Windows: String lights are classic holiday decorations. Using removable clear hooks, you can put a twinking border of white LED string lights around windows, on the banister, and out on the porch for some festive seasonal illumination. 
  • Real & Electric Candles: Lighting a candle in the window historically meant an open invitation of hospitality for all travelers. Today, the tradition lives on as a welcoming beacon to friends and family. You can buy real unscented and scented candles or electric candles to keep this simple tradition alive in your home, too! 

Simple Tree Decorations

One of the winter holiday traditions that has endured for centuries is the Christmas (or Yule) Tree. While not everyone sets up one of these in their homes, those who do make it a holiday decoration centerpiece that can be very easy to set up! Watch the short video below for some quick tips on decorating a Christmas Tree: 

To learn more, or to speak to an experienced custom home builder, just contact us at Rotelle today!

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