It can be an exciting time when you’re looking at custom homes to build in Bucks County, PA, because you’re designing every room from scratch to meet your specific specifications. However, it’s worth considering adding flexibility to places like your bathroom, which might need a redesign or replacement after a few years.

You might feel that it’s a good idea to have a built-in medicine cabinet or complicated fixtures now, but if something gets damaged down the line, there are easy steps you can take now to make repairs or replacements easier down the line.

Here are some easy ways to build a flexible style for your bathroom:

Don’t Be Afraid of Second Hand

The idea of embracing second-hand things is kind of counter-intuitive to the concept of building a custom home, but it’s something you should start thinking about if you’re building your home from scratch. Admittedly, you may not want to build your home around the idea that you might one day install a DIY bathroom counter, but it’s important to consider now because it will inform how the room is constructed.

If you like the idea of integrating second-hand furniture into your bathroom, then you want to make sure that the elements of your bathroom are designed with an eye toward timeless, versatile style, rather than a fashionable trend which may fall quickly out of favor.

Don’t Focus on Permanent Fixtures

In addition to building your bathroom with an eye towards timeless style, you should also consider limiting the number of permanent fixtures in your bathroom. Some things are unavoidable, like where the plumbing’s located, but you can opt to forgo a recessed medicine cabinet for one hung on the wall, or a washbasin that can be removed and easily replaced. Making these decisions now can save money down the line because you won’t require the help of a contractor to replace or update elements of your home.

Consider Painting

It’s tempting to elect to use tile, wood, ceramic, or other materials that can make your bathroom look stunning. However, if you believe you might want to remodel at some point – and a lot of people do end up remodeling – then you might want to opt for paint and use other materials for accent pieces.

The reason you might want to use paint is that it’s easily changeable. Rather than requiring extra labor or a contractor, you can easily plan to paint over the original shades without breaking the bank.

To find out more ways to build a flexible bathroom style, or to speak with custom homes experts in Montgomery County, PA, call us today!

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