Furnishing a home to fit the aesthetic and lifestyle of your family may be harder than initially thought. As a home design company, we have done custom builds for a wide variety of households of various sizes and styles. Today, we’re bringing you some advice on how to make your living and dining rooms feel customized to your vision through perfect furnishings.

Luxurious or Comfortable?

Properly furnishing your living and dining areas is dependent mainly on the typical day for your family. If you’re the type of household that spends a lot of time together, keeping your furniture choices comfortable and relaxed will reflect that very well. A more structured and formal approach to furnishings can make a home feel transformed into a beautiful banquet and is perfect for families that host a lot of formal gatherings.

For our relaxed approach, we recommend pairing neutrals with a consistent pop of color throughout both spaces to add cohesiveness. For chairs, sofas, and loveseats, we believe going for a brown or black leather-esque finish will work wonders for holding up to spills and constant traffic.

When it comes to luxurious furnishing, we often lean into the use of monochromatic or grayscale palettes. Rich dark wood tones paired with pale cream cushions create elegant seating for the dining room, while crisp colors and contemporary accents can make a living room feel like an extension of formality.

Warm or Cool?

Choosing a color palette for your space is crucial for meshing all of the furnishings together. Whether a cool tone vision of sleek moodiness or a warm tone aesthetic of upbeat vibrancy, your living and dining rooms will radiate personality in every inch.

For a cooler tone room, we mainly are fond of utilizing light blue-gray tones alongside deeper tones of navy and emerald. Going with gray woods rather than traditional warmer wood tones makes a statement and perfectly pairs with navy upholstery. Accenting the space with various shades of cool-toned accessories, from pillows and throws to candles and wall decor can make the space inviting without compromising the palette’s beauty. 

Warm tones are much more traditional for a family home thanks to the association of hues like red and orange with happiness and summer. Choosing more red-toned woods to incorporate into your living and dining spaces will mesh perfectly with classic brown seating. Accenting with attractive modern artwork can make a warm-toned home feel presentable without jeopardizing the comfortable feeling.

How Custom Becomes Reality

At Rotelle Studio(e), we believe that homes should embody the personality of their owners. With our new home construction in Bucks County, PA, we put time and effort into making every square foot feel like home. If you’re interested in our service, don’t hesitate to reach out today to learn more!

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