Fall’s here, and even if you’re living in new home construction in Bucks County, PA, you might be wondering about how to best decorate your home to reflect the coming season. Everyone knows that you can place pumpkins everywhere and maybe light an apple cinnamon candle, but what if you wanted to do something more with your space?

Here are some of the best ways you can get your new home prepared for the festive fall season without relying too heavily on the standard pumpkin-filled tropes:

Employ Autumnal Hues

While many people assume you need to hang or place decorations around the home to communicate your festive spirit, all you may actually need are little tweaks to your home’s color scheme.

Using orange and white in your table setting or employing darker colors like black and dark brown around your home can help set the tone for the seasonal change. You can even play with the mix by incorporating cooler summer colors alongside the brighter autumnal colors for a more nuanced sense of how the weather is shifting.

Embrace Faux Plants

It’s easy to find faux plants around this time whenever you walk into a craft or department store. That’s intentional because for those who want to do a little more than change their home’s color palette, adding a few fake plants is a perfect way to invite nature’s change into your home without worrying about increasing the amount of upkeep.

Even if you don’t want to buy a prefabricated bouquet or centerpiece, take note of the kinds of plants that get incorporated. Pinecones are great options, as are eucalyptus and tree branches to make your home feel more autumnal.

Get Creative with Centerpieces

Like using fake plants to mimic the autumnal weather, you should consider getting creative with how you create your centerpieces. Something as simple as using artificial fall fruits to fill a bowl can lend a fall feel to your dining room, but you can get more creative than that by adding feathers and fall leaves to your floral arrangements to help communicate the change.

If you’d rather employ a more minimalist-minded décor, then you can opt for something as simple as a candle arrangement to help display the fall spirit. Not only does it lend a scent to your home, but it also allows you to use some of the fall-inspired candleholders to welcome autumn.

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