Close your eyes and imagine your dream home. What do you see? A big kitchen housing every cooking appliance designed to make you the next Julia Child? Or maybe your family spending time together around the fireplace? Whatever your vision is, Rotell(e) design and building experts are here to help you make your dream home a reality. 

Whether you’re a seasoned interior decorator or a first-time home buyer, starting from scratch can be daunting. Most people become overwhelmed when they think about all the options they have to choose from. Don’t worry. We’re here to help. We aim to make your custom Bucks County house feel like a home from the first step you take, starting with this home decoration guide. 

Recycle, Reuse, Renew

Chances are you’re not coming into your new home empty-handed. Big-ticket items like furniture are expensive to replace, so if you like what you already have, use it! This is a great starting point for your home decorating project because it lays down the foundation. You can easily build around it with new decor, whether you’re attempting to match the style of your old home or start brand new. 

Put Thoughts to Paper

Before building your custom home, the experts at Rotelle will get with you to design the floor plan. The Rotelle team of professionals will be at your disposal every step of the way to make this process completely stress-free. Together, we will decide the house design, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, countertops, and flooring and tile. Once you’re happy with your selections and everything is approved, you can use this floor plan to decorate the rest of your home. After all, it helps to know the size and flooring of each room before you go shopping for furniture.

What’s Your Style?

Pick a Color, Any Color

Color gives a room personality and smoothly ties all furnishings, appliances, and decorations together. Start by looking at the sizable furniture you’re bringing with you. If these pieces have any fun colors, you can find matching items to fit the scheme. If they are neutral, you basically have a clean slate to work from. Make sure to include neutral shades in whatever you decide as too much bright color can be overwhelming. 

Budget First

Now that your vision is starting to come together, you may be tempted to start shopping around. However, it is easy to fall down the decorating rabbit hole. Before you go out, create a reasonable budget and stick to it. When buying goods for your new home, remember that you don’t have to buy everything at once. Focus on furnishing the basics first, like your bedroom and kitchen, then build on them with time. 
We hope this guide gave you the boost you needed to get your ideas flowing. Slowly, but surely, your new house will become a place you can truly call home. Contact a Rotelle design expert if you need any additional help personalizing your custom Rotelle home in Chester County, Montgomery County, and Bucks County. 

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