Whenever you design a home, you want it to have a comfortable, familiar feeling to it. For some, this may include having a grand staircase as soon as you walk in, whereas, for others, a large patio may mean the world. Instead, you may find yourself appreciating the smaller details that come with a home. Anything from the frames used in the entryway to showcase the family portraits to the nightstand accessories in the bedroom may make all the difference to you. With all that said, let’s take a look at some of the top interior design trends for the home to come in summer 2021. 

Living Room Layout

With every home, the comfort starts where you and your guests can relax. This typically ends up being the living room in most homes. With that in mind, generous spaces allow for larger sectionals paired with ottomans, for instance. For summer 2021, leather and velvet are expected to be most utilized in spaces, as 70s-inspired pieces will be recycled. In fact, if you incorporate one unique piece of furniture into your space, whether it be a rounded chair or an eye-catching coffee table, it can really transform your space to be distinct. Even a bold accent rug or lamp may do the trick. 

Kitchen Design

For the kitchen, the heart of the home, it’s important that the space is best utilized; this summer  it’s no different. Interestingly enough, it is expected that minimalism will be incorporated widely into this space. In other words, less decor may be needed. Rather, the priority is focusing on the opportunity to connect with one another when you have guests over. That way, you have maximum space available. Additionally, with the right design, such as a bar counter and kitchen island, you can have optimal counter space to prepare food and socialize with guests. Then, it just comes down to finishes, which may not be needed as much as you might think if you have shelves that don’t require handles. One notable trend that’s anticipated this summer is advanced technological furnishings, including touch to open drawers and kitchen cabinets. 

Bedroom Must-Haves 

When it comes to the bedroom, you want it to be perfect for you. If you share this space with anyone else, of course, keep them in mind when designing your perfect bedroom. For the upcoming year, one consideration is allowing for that minimalistic flow to continue. Think about how much storage space you need and how this can best be included without taking up too much space. Maybe under the bed storage or extra closet space may be best. Nightstands are great, and they offer the opportunity to add earth-toned lamps to the room should you wish to. Particularly, if they have built-in shelves, it adds even more value to your space. 

When it comes to finishings such as fabrics and colors, leather may find its way into the bedroom — possibly as a headboard or ottoman. In line with summer color trends, natural earth tones are best such as browns and greens. 

Bathroom Essentials

With every home, you must have at least one comforting bathroom. What can be done to improve your space, so it’s trendy for next year? Here are a few things to consider. Given that the expected color hues of summer 2021 are mainly greens and earthy tones, these should be incorporated into the bathroom space. Mix them in with several metal shades for your plumbing, and you’re all set. In line with the kitchen space, keep it simple for yourself. Just have the bathroom as a set space to sit back and unwind, and your room will surely be on trend for the year. 

Incorporating The Latest Into A New Home

After you’ve read up on all of the predicted trends of summer 2021, why not introduce them into your very own dream house? In Southeastern PA, there is one phenomenal home design company that will work with you from beginning to end to deliver on this. Here at Rotell(e) Studio(e), our home design services span from picking the land, designing, financing, getting the permits needed, and beginning building your dream home. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! 

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