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Searching for land to build on? Want to sell your lot? Look no further! Rotelle Studio(e) specializes in handling all of your land needs.

Unique and Established Building Lots

building lots for sale chester county pa For the last several weeks you have been looking at various building lots in Chester County, PA, trying to find home lots for sale that could fit the property goals you have in mind. You want at least one acre to suit your growing family (who all seem to be outgrowing your small Montgomery County townhome at a rapid rate). So far you haven’t had the best of luck finding that perfect building lot or you only come across land that is too far away from your place of employment for comfort.

If this is your current status, perhaps we can help you find exactly what you have been looking for all along.

Home Lots for Sale

When you are trying to build your own home, Rotelle Studio(e) can not only create your custom house from the ground up, but we can find you the perfect building lots for sale for you to choose from.

Let our land experts and build professionals guide you through our land-buying experience. With the help of our local realtor partners, finding land for sale that fits your needs and budget is now possible in Lehigh County. We will help eliminate any unknown factors prior to you purchasing a building lot, ensuring that your home and its custom house design will be built within budget and always on time.

Find a Lot in Life

Are you looking for a perfect parcel of land in Berks County to build your dream home? Rotelle Studio(e) is here to assist you in looking through building lots for sale to find a location that suits your needs. We have a long history in eastern Pennsylvania and we know the lay of the land, which means that we can find the exact lot you are looking for.

We will navigate you through the process of:

  • Buying a building lot
  • Evaluating the site improvements
  • Obtaining a building permit

From finding land for sale, to helping you design and build your new home, Rotelle Studio(e) is the best place for custom house projects of all shapes and sizes.

Choosing Your Land Lot

We have a portfolio of land options from new home communities to individual lots that each of our clients can choose from. If you are looking to join a vibrant community surrounded by neighbors, then check out our new home communities in your area. If you prefer a wooded lot that gives you the privacy you have been looking for, then you can check out our featured lots for a piece of ground that will be perfect or let us search for a building lot for you!

Our Scrub™ Process

One of the biggest fears that buyers have is not knowing what it is going to cost to take a raw piece of ground and make it buildable. Oftentimes, it seems too steep to venture towards; however, because we put every lot through our proprietary lot Scrub™ process, we are able to provide you with a preliminary estimated cost build.

When you decide to start the building process, we comb through many more in-depth variables carefully so that we can determine what it is going to cost to get your ground ready to build on. After you are given our detailed list of information, we will help you determine the estimated fair market value for the lot. This knowledge will help you to prepare an offer on the property that you feel is the correct price for the lot.

Rotelle Purchase Protection Program

To further protect all of our buyers, we offer our Rotelle Purchase Protection Program (P³). Through this program, your lot purchase is contingent upon our ability to obtain a building permit on your piece of land. This program takes the risk out of the transaction for buyers so you can be more confident in your purchase.

This is how it works:

  • If we can’t get the building permit, you don’t settle on the ground!
  • If we discover any surprises during the permit process, you don’t settle on the ground!
  • If you can’t get financing, you don’t settle on the ground!

Getting the building permit is our responsibility; we navigate the process through the various approval stages with the township and make sure that your dream home can come to life.

Call us at 610-572-2013 or stop in for more details on the program.

List Your Lot With Us

Do you have land for sale and have had trouble selling it? Are you just not getting any phone calls for site visits? If you have land to sell or land lots for sale, you can list your lot with Rotelle Studio(e), and we will use our accumulated 25+ years of experience in land development and marketing to find a buyer for your lot.

Find Your Lot a New Home

Landowners who have been unable to sell their lot can come to Studio(e) to receive a FREE no-cost consultation from our Land Development Team. During this evaluation, we use our proprietary Lot Scrub™ to perform a marketability analysis and site improvement cost estimation of the property. Armed with this information, the landowner can properly market their land lots for sale at a price and demographic that best suits the location.

We also offer a variety of programs for lot-sellers that range from our Virtual Spec Program to basic MLS listing services. We connect the dots for land-sellers by taking the unknown out of their lot and matching it with a willing and able buyer.

Land Owners Looking to Build

Have you recently purchased a lot, but are unsure what the next step is to build on it? We use our seasoned knowledge to navigate the land engineering, lot improvement, building permit submission, and construction process to make building your dream home on your ideal lot a possibility.

Find Your Dream Lot Today!

Our expanse reaches the following areas and their surrounding locations in PA:

  • Chester County
  • Berks County
  • Montgomery County
  • Lehigh County
  • Delaware County

We have access to thousands of lots. Contact one of our lot experts at 610-422-1000 or email us at salesinfo@rotelle.com at your earliest convenience.