With fall comes an increased desire to stay indoors, and both pre-owned and new homes in Bucks County, PA, need to undergo a series of routine tasks to make sure your family will have the best experience possible when winter settles in.

It’s tempting to say that your brand-new home might not need the help other homes do, but that could lead to a winter filled with allergies, discomfort, and more because even the newest homes can have hidden discomforts. Here are some tips to make sure that your home’s ready for the coming days indoors:

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Kitchens are wonderful rooms in a home; they get a lot of usages, are designed to be both functional and have a high degree of utility. That’s what makes them such perfect targets for fall cleaning.

Almost everyone who has lived on their own in one form or another knows the pain of sorting through their pantry and finding canned goods that expired several months or years ago. To avoid having your pantry crammed with a bunch of expired goods, go through the cabinets early this fall to make sure you have enough room for when the holidays come, and you’re cooking for your family.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

New constructions aren’t immune from the dust and dirt that can accumulate in areas like the living room, dining room, and other high-traffic areas. While you might not be holding many dinner parties there, your home’s still seeing a lot of traffic that tracks mud, dust, and more through the space. Once the winter comes, the last thing you want to have is a lot of dust mites kicked up every time you take a step on the carpet.

Don’t Forget the Bedroom

Like spring cleaning, fall cleaning is a great time to make sure your family’s bedrooms are comfortable for their occupants. That means running a vacuum and dusting for sure, but it also requires you to take steps to care for your mattress to keep it fresh.

Regularly rotating your mattress can help mitigate uneven wear and tear, which could lead to parts of your body becoming poorly supported over time and disrupt your sleep in the process. You can further improve your sleep by sprinkling a bit of baking soda over your mattress to help keep it smelling fresh.

To find out more about how to perform fall cleaning on your new home or to get a quote from one of the leading contractors building custom homes in Bucks County, PA, call us today!

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