Designing your home’s interior from scratch or reinventing your current space is a difficult task to take on. We build custom homes in Bucks County, PA, and beyond, and we know how color plays a significant role in all that we do. It takes a wide range of creative and visionary skills to create a colorful oasis that is perfect for your household. Luckily, we at Rotelle Studio(e) are taking a deep dive into some of the many ways you can use color this summer to give your home a bright edge.

Embrace the Blue

Pantone’s color of the year 2020 is Classic Blue. With how the year has panned out for many of us so far, it’s easy to feel sad, down, and well, blue. However, now is the perfect time to flip the depressing connotation of this beautiful color on its head and create gorgeous spaces that encapsulate the seas and skies.

Here are some ways we believe you should incorporate Classic Blue, and other shades of blue, into your home’s interior this summer.

  • Go bold and mono. Monochromatic aesthetics are in this year, and blue is an excellent choice for taking on this trend. Whether you go with a deep navy, an eye-popping cyan, or anywhere in between, incorporating a single tone of blue within an entire space is a smart and effective way to incorporate color without being too overbearing.
  • Find a style and twist it. Blue is one of the categories of color that can work great with any style you adopt into your interior design. If going for a more bohemian style, using darker blue tones can ground a space and keep it from feeling too chaotic thanks to the color’s calming nature. Blue can also be used to mesh well with industrial styles or to contrast from the warm woods in a more farmhouse style.

Citrus Outside of the Tropics

Just because you aren’t in the tropics doesn’t mean you can’t embrace them within your home’s design. Some of the most overlooked colors are those that we are considering the “Citrus” family: vibrant yellows, limes, and oranges. Their brightness pairs perfectly with almost any environment, from the bland & beige to the woodsy, warm tones.

Here are some ways we think citrus tones can make their way into your designs this summer.

  • Accent it in furnishings. Not all color needs paint. Making your space feel more like a home than a house is essential, and the small details woven into your interior design will enhance that feeling. Try adding some orange accent pillows to your sofa, yellow storage spaces in your entertainment center, or lime green chair cushions for your breakfast bar.
  • Pair it with wood. The brightness of our citrus choices goes best with something grounding and familiar. Deep wood tones can keep a space feeling like home while allowing you to add these pops of colors. With dark wood, such as your tables and chairs, you can accent them with some brighter citrusy pops to create a new balance between fun and comfort. With lighter woods, less bold versions of citrus colors can give a very welcoming feeling to a space.

Boldness from Within

While we’ve highlighted some tips for a summer color aesthetic, we believe that boldness, passion, and beauty should radiate from every aspect of your home all year long. By building custom homes in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, we strive to give our clients a house worthy of being called home. If you’re interested in our unique design/build process and how to get started on creating your dream home, schedule a virtual appointment today!

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