The colors you choose for your home’s interior say as much about you as the décor you select or the style of home our top home design company in Southeastern, PA, is building for you. In fact, in many ways, interior color schemes are the most important decorative feature of a home because those are what you will see and experience the most.

That means what you choose must be personal and distinctive, able to encapsulate your taste and personality, as well as thrive during daily wear and tear. Here are some suggestions.

Colors Choices Are Reflection

We live in extraordinary times. Over the last 14 months, everyone’s life has been altered, turning the home into a refuge. Muted, calm colors can reflect where many are mentally and emotionally. The emphasis is on comfort and calm.

Dark and Earthy

Black remains an elegant choice, particularly if it is accented with earthy tones like grays or greens. Each color shows sophistication but has personality. If a more structured look is wanted, accenting with white is always a good option that says “everything has a purpose and place.”

Warm but Neutral

Neutral colors convey consistency without flashiness. Good ideas include vanilla, beige, soft lime green, muted browns, etc. The purpose is to create a space that will work with every type of décor. This approach is particularly appealing for rooms that are busy or in a state of flux.


Another choice is to go with tranquil colors. These create an environment that conveys quietness, reflectiveness, stability, and consistency. They are peaceful but dependable, warm, but able to take a beating.

Colors that work with this theme are tan, beige, soft white, lighter green, or muted colors. The goal of tranquil colors is to convey a sense of longevity and security.


Some homeowners opt for lighter colors, such as light blue, teal, mint, or sand. The purpose of these is to create a room that is orderly but can be lived in and is good for playing games, reading a book, or entertaining friends. The setting is comfy but functional.

As you consider your color options with our home design services team, remember that the only judge you have to please is yourself!

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