With years of working as a home design company, we know what truly makes a master bedroom masterful and individual from the rest of the home. Today, we’re divulging three of the many unique aspects that can make a master bedroom nearly perfect.

Plenty of Space

If a master bedroom can fit a California King Bed, then is it genuinely worth calling it a master? What sets this bedroom apart from the rest in the home is the sheer amount of space it possesses. How it utilizes this space differs from home to home. A chic seating area for your morning coffee or afternoon tea will set it apart from the rest of the house, making it the perfect individualized get away from others. Bookshelves and other storage, such as a well-designed walk-in closet, can also give the room an extra touch that no other spot in the house accomplishes.

Luxurious Convenience

A master bedroom deserves a master bathroom for that extra push of luxury in daily life. Master bathrooms are the perfect space to create a personal oasis, from jacuzzi tubs and spacious showers to gorgeous tiling and vanity counters. Whether en suite or right down the hall, having a bathroom that matches the bedroom’s level of luxuriousness is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a true Master Suite.


Without privacy, the beauty of a master suite doesn’t truly thrive. Whether it be a separate wing or on an entirely different floor, having a separate space from the rest of the household ensures that luxury feeling all year long. Having the master separated from other bedrooms and the main living areas both lowers the noisiness that leaks through the walls and keeps foot traffic of others out of this unique space.

Going Custom With Rotelle Studio(e)

We pride ourselves on providing amazing homes for families of all sizes and lifestyles. We craft custom designs to meet every need and want through our new home construction in Bucks County, PA. From a luxurious master suite to a professional-grade kitchen, we can make it happen for you. If you’re interested in our design process or looking to buy custom, contact us today to learn more about your options!

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