Many people consider their home to be their sanctuary, the one place they can go to relax and momentarily escape daily troubles. What most people fail to realize is that their outdoor living space can provide the same zen-like aura as the inside of their home. This summer, transform your outdoor space with help from expert designers at Rotelle Studio(e).

Trust our team to provide unrivaled architectural design services to your home in Chester County. Sometimes the smallest upgrade can convert any bare space to a luxurious outdoor oasis. We’ll incorporate all the features you’ve always dreamt of having. Just envision your perfect outdoor living space, and watch as we bring it to life. If you’re unsure which features would best suit the exterior of your home, view this infographic for inspiration, and then continue reading below as we discuss a few popular options:

Six Features

Trellises & Pergolas — Adding unique features such as trellises and pergolas to your outdoor living space will transform it in ways you can’t even imagine. A trellis is a framework of wood, typically built to support vines or plants. Pergolas are different in that they are built with a grid-like roof, forming a shaded walkway. These luxury landscaping structures create a beautiful focal point in your yard that you’ll enjoy year-round. 

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ Stations — Outdoor cooking has become increasingly prevalent, bringing together family and friends to enjoy a delicious home-cooked BBQ meal. A custom kitchen design can include a variety of features and equipment including a grill, appliances, countertops, islands, and even a dining area. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating the one you have, you’ll certainly get use out of this exciting investment.

Outdoor Shower — An outdoor shower is a luxurious and practical feature to add to your outdoor design. Create an open design for a quick rinse or an enclosed space for added privacy. In the summer, whether getting out of the pool or walking barefoot on the porch, you’ll happily leave dirt, sand, and grass behind as you enter your home.

Are you thinking about renovating your outdoor living space? Perhaps you’d like to enhance your new home in Lehigh County, PA with luxurious outdoor features. At Rotelle Studio(e), we bring all your design dreams to reality. Give us a call at 610-572-2013 and get started on your outdoor oasis this summer!

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