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Welcome to Delaware County PA. Located just 22 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Delaware County is home to historical sites, world-famous gardens, wine trails, sports centers and some of the best theater and dining in the region. The proximity to Philadelphia's center city makes this a very desirable place to live.

Build Your New Home in Delaware County, PA

At Rotelle Studio(e), the luxury custom home builders in the Delaware County, PA, area, all of your dreams for new home designs can come to life as we guide you from concept to completion. Our home builders have three decades of experience in custom new home construction, so whatever your home design preferences may be, and however you live your life, Rotelle Studio(e) can build a custom-made home just for you.

If you’re looking to build your own custom home, you’ve come to the right place. Rotelle Studio(e) invites homeowners and first-time homebuyers to consider these many benefits when the time finally comes to start building your own house.

"My wife and I have been searching for a home to downsize to for the last year+ and we were lucky to come across Rotelle Builders. Our interaction with the organization has been 2nd to none."


Totally Personalize and Customize Your Home

One of the most apparent benefits of having your home custom-built is the total personalization customization that goes along with it. When you buy a pre-built home, the house will rarely come with everything you want and need. But when Rotelle’s home builders build your custom home from the ground up, the possibilities are endless. From custom moldings to basement bars and much more, start making a new home design a reality today.

Saves Money in the Long Run

Does building your home sound more expensive than if you were to buy something already on the market? There may be benefits that make up for these costs. New designs allow homeowners to choose their style and incorporate energy-efficient appliances and materials that can save money in the long run while maintaining a home’s appearance over time without upgrades or changes needed at all - making older properties less desirable by comparison! To learn about our custom new construction projects located within Delaware County, Pennsylvania, contact Rotelle Studio(e).

Enjoy Your Personalized Privacy

Having more privacy is one reason why many people want a custom home. You can have tall fences and lush trees that would otherwise not be possible in an existing neighborhood with generic designs and control over various features such as architecture or interior design, which will provide you total seclusion when desired!

Get Started Building Your New Home in Delaware County, PA Today

At Rotelle Studio(e), we want to provide you with a custom home that is uniquely yours. As a family-owned and operated company, your happiness matters most! Whether for raising children or just wanting something unique, our Delaware County, Pennsylvania, luxury home builders will help make this happen. Call us today at 610-572-2013, or contact us online to schedule an appointment!!