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white and orange candles sitting on a wooden coffeetable

Summer 2021 Interior Design Trends

June 10, 2021

Whenever you design a home, you want it to have a comfortable, familiar feeling to it. For some, this may include having a grand staircase as soon as you walk in, whereas, for others, a large patio may mean the world. Instead, you may find yourself appreciating the smaller details […]

clothes organized in a closet

Organization Hacks for Your Home: Closet Edition

May 13, 2021

With every home, there are always areas for improvement. Whether it comes down to a junk drawer that needs some attention or your kitchen space that needs a little update, some organization never hurts. For many homeowners, the closet can become quite difficult to maintain with more clothes, shoes, and […]

Common Issues Found in Older Homes and Why a New Construction May Be Better for You

April 29, 2021

The perception that new homes cost more than older homes may not always be accurate. According to a Home Advisor survey, homeowners spent an average of $3,192 on annual maintenance in 2020. Additionally, more than 30 percent of them were forced to complete an emergency that cost an average of […]

entertainment room

Designing a Fun and Exciting Entertainment Room

April 9, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the entertainment industry leading to costly delays and cancellations of upcoming events. There is no doubt the virus will still be with us, at least for the better part of 2021, and nobody for sure can tell when the entertainment industry will return to […]

warm and neutral color room and decor

What Colors and Color Schemes are Popular in 2021?

March 25, 2021

The colors you choose for your home’s interior say as much about you as the décor you select or the style of home our top home design company in Southeastern, PA, is building for you. In fact, in many ways, interior color schemes are the most important decorative feature of […]

See our fabulous article in Custom Builder – Spring 2021

March 1, 2021

Marketing 101: Be the Expert ROTELLE DEVELOPMENT GETS ITS BRAND OUT THERE BY POSITIONING STAFF AS A RESOURCE. By Mike Beirne, Senior Editor “Word of mouth is golden, and face-to-face-meetings with prospective buyers are the holy grail for establishing client relationships. But besideswaiting for the phone to ring, what can […]

arts and crafts covid-19 ideas

4 Creative Stay-at-Home Activities for Families During COVID

February 15, 2021

As families continue to stay at home during the ongoing pandemic, many of them are struggling to come up with new ways to pass the time. After all, there’s only so much TV that you can watch before all the storylines start to blur together. Luckily, there are still countless […]

rotelle house with open floor plan

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Concept Design

January 19, 2021

Designing and purchasing a custom home is an exciting time, but decisions such as whether to go with an open concept design versus a more closed floor plan can often feel overwhelming. When you visit our home design company in Southeastern, PA, we’ll help you decide on a layout that […]

welcome home decor

Tips for Choosing the Right Home Decor

December 22, 2020

If you’ve visited many custom homes in Chester County, PA, you’ve likely seen a vast array of decorating styles. There may have been elements you liked from more than one genre, and perhaps you’re looking for ways to implement those ideas in your own home.

Desserts to Enjoy with Your Family This Holiday Season

November 25, 2020

A perfect meal deserves an even better dessert, and what could be better than enjoying creamy cheesecakes and mouth-watering cookies with your family. You can have Rotell(e) Studio(e) transform your kitchen to accommodate the increased use, considering most eateries will be closing in fear of COVID-19 exposure. This gives you […]

A List of Items for Your New Custom Bathroom

November 11, 2020

If you’re looking for items to customize your new bathroom, the list is probably endless. However, you can narrow it down to basic items, guest supplies, comforts, and other categories, depending on what you want. The level of customization will depend on your budget and design. Nonetheless, you don’t need […]


October 19, 2020

Long before the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns drove millions of Americans indoors to work and learn from home, architects, builders and developers had begun seeing a rise in interest in the home office. For more than a decade now, premier eastern Pennsylvania custom home builder Rotelle Studio(e) has witnessed this […]