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Rotelle Development Company, and its division Rotelle Studio(e), have been a premier Eastern Pennsylvania custom home builder and environmentally responsible land developer for the past 30 years. Staffed by Rotelle building and design professionals, Rotelle is designed to educate and inspire homebuyers and offers a highly personalized experience that makes building a custom home attainable, simple and stress-free. Services include home design and construction, lot evaluation, virtual listings, property acquisition and access to financing. It is located at 1011 Ridge Road, South Coventry, PA 19465. For more information call 610-422-1000.

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Anthony Head Shot Rotelle
Anthony’s passion for construction and sales, led him to join Rotelle Development Company in 1997. Starting in sales, he quickly moved on to sales management, and then over to the operations side of the company, becoming COO in 2004 to oversee sales service and production. Prior to joining Rotelle, Anthony worked in regional sales for Kohler Co. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Villanova University. Areas of Expertise: • Strategic planning • Sales management • Problem solving



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Senior Project Manager

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“I have been impressed by the creative thinking of the leadership and team. Rotelle brought custom homes to the masses here.”
- Renee

A timeline you can count on, a price you will love. A hom(e) that fits your everything.

“It takes a lot of work to deliver the best product possible.
What makes Rotelle exceptional is how much heart goes into it. ”

- Jesse