Philadelphia Magazine. August 2023

West Chester PA

West Chester boasts many grand Victorian homes on its north side, especially around Marshall Square Park. “There are some phenomenal old homes there that add character to the town,” says Rotelle Development Company president Peter Rotelle, whose firm builds new homes in and around the borough.

The Philadelphia Inquirer. May 2023

Inside A Mudroom of a Rotelle Home

In the Philadelphia area, homebuyers are seeking unique, functional, and personalized spaces; they’re turning to Chester County’s Rotelle Development Co. for cozy game rooms, multipurpose mudrooms, and expansive, hidden pantries.

Philadelphia Magazine. March 2023

Mushrooms growing

Peter Rotelle builds custom homes in the growing area of Chester County, which borders Lancaster County near Philadelphia. He compares the expansion process to overlapping mushrooms, with developers like himself and homebuyers pushing the growth rings further outward.

Lehigh Valley Style. March 16th, 2023

Peter Rotelle Portrait

Rotelle Studio(e) focuses on making bespoke homes accessible by providing a transparent and smooth process for clients with reasonable budgets. The company offers a one-stop shop for clients, handling everything from finding land and securing financing to designing and building the home, all while prioritizing energy efficiency and personalized design.

Custom Builder. December 14, 2022

Ken Zimmerman

Rotelle Studio(e) aims to create confidence for homebuyers by offering a comprehensive approach to the custom home building process, addressing challenges such as land acquisition, lot suitability analysis, permitting, and financing. By providing a stress-free and seamless experience, the company turns obstacles in the housing market into opportunities for custom home builders and buyers, while maintaining a healthy balance sheet without the costs associated with land inventory.

Philadelphia Inquirer. November 11, 2022

Two people standing in front of a rotelle home

High school sweethearts Mark Visco Jr. and Nicole Holden faced multiple challenges as they designed and built their dream house in Ambler during the pandemic, while also planning their wedding and starting a new job. Working with Rotelle Studio(e) custom home builders, they created and successfully moved into their new home, featuring a minimalistic-modern design. Now married, the couple enjoys their new life in Ambler, close to family and the community where they grew up.

Philadelphia Inquirer. May 24, 2022

Framing inside of Pennsylvania home

Record number of homes built in Chesco last year.

There still aren’t enough for demand, especially affordable ones…