Philadelphia Inquirer. Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

By Michaelle Bond

Record number of homes built in Chesco last year.

There still aren’t enough for demand, especially affordable ones…

Rising construction costs also have hiked home prices. And a growing number of regulations at all levels of government for safeguards such as water-quality protection and storm-water management adds time and cost to projects, said Peter Rotelle, owner of Chester County-based Rotelle Development Co. Streamlined processes would help lower costs for builders and homeowners, he said. “We need proper balance between the costs, the environment, and time where everything can be done and accomplished but expedited and more cost effective,” he said. The county has been a great place for his company, Rotelle said. It’s got a “great buyer pool” and the median home price is in his company’s sweet spot for single-family homes. “The challenge is that the land inventory is pretty thin,” he said. He’s lost out on land to preservation, an effort he supports. But it’s a balancing act, he said, and “there really isn’t any control measures put in place to ensure that seesaw is level.”