Design/Build Experience

It’s a one of a kind home buying experience in PA– complete with
design studio, gallery and one-stop home construction resources.

The Rotelle Process

At Rotelle, we are committed to providing you a true custom home buying experience from preliminary design ideas to the completion of your new home. This process all begins with your initial, no-obligation visit to our Chester County sales and design center, Rotelle Studio(e). From floorplans, design options, design services, financing, land sourcing to land development, Rotelle Studio(e) is the place to educate and inspire you.

During your visit to Rotelle Studio(e), there will be general discussions about your ideal home design, the geographical area that you would like to build in, and the amount of land you are looking for.

In addition to information gathering, we will also discuss general home construction costs with you. If you would like to pursue building with us in more depth and consider your financing options, we will offer you the opportunity of working with one of our preferred lenders. These professionals can help you determine what you can afford while taking into consideration four fundamental costs that determine the overall price to build a home. These include land purchase, site improvement costs, house plan, and any additional design features.

Together, we can determine how to make a new dream home a reality for you!

Step 1: Lot & Land

KEN ZIMMERMAN talking with client looking at a lot
Rotelle truck parked outside of custom home under construction

Finding the Perfect Lot

Our home (e)xperts are constantly on the lookout for new land that becomes available on the market. This process of sourcing land is what sets Rotelle apart: assisting customers, like you, find that perfect piece of ground for your new home. It’s comprehensive and unique.

For example, all parcels being considered for home building with Rotelle undergo our lot evaluation program, "Lot Scrub". This Lot Scrub may include reviewing engineered site plans, site surveys, soil testing information, sewer/septic, stormwater requirements, tree clearing, driveways, and utilities.

Once this evaluation is complete your home (e)xpert will discuss estimated site improvement costs for the property. These preliminary costs can assist in making an informed decision on the purchase of the land and building a new home.

We include an allowance for specific site improvements with every home we price out. If upgraded systems are needed or special permits are required, an allowance will be included in your contract to cover for those items, as well. Lot Improvement costs range from $25,000 to $50,000+. Special site conditions can require additional permitting requirements; this process may take up to 6 months or longer to get designed and approved. It all depends on what is required to make a custom lot buildable.

Step 2: Design

HEATHER RYAN designing a home
Renee Pratt going over design options
Custom home samples


After selecting a plot of land, it’s time to start designing your new home! Our experienced and trained professional home (e)xperts will guide you through the selection of one of our customizable house plans or help you to create your unique plan; there are endless customization options and architectural details that can be added to your new home. Our mission is to ensure that the process of designing and building a new home is as stress-free and fun as possible.


Meeting with our designers to personalize your new home is where your style takes center stage. Here is what to expect during the Design Process:

→ Structural Changes and Plan Modifications
Upon signing your new home contract, you will have the opportunity to further customize your floor plans with our extensive inventory of structural options and architectural details that create a house that is uniquely yours. There can be additional costs associated with adding design options, so we work diligently with you to keep your selections within your budget. We will review these options with you and assist you in making any selections within 15 days. After the Structural Selection Period is complete, we will send your house plan along with any additional structural modifications to our architect to begin the process of finalized building plans.


→ Design Options and Selections
Now that your final plans are underway, we can begin the Design Selection Process. There will be several appointments and a lot of decisions to be made, but we assure you that our Design Team will help you choose the options that work best for your lifestyle.

Design Appointments for Your Home Include:
• In-house Design Meeting at Studio(e)
• Kitchen, Bathroom Cabinets, Vanities
• Countertops
• Flooring and Tile

Final Review

You will have the opportunity to review your preliminary plans and selections at this time. Once all decisions have been made and agreed upon, you will be provided with a final selections sign-off. Any custom requests or changes to the original purchase agreement will need to be approved by Rotelle and signed off by you. These changes will be communicated through our online system, Builder Trend, via a change order.

Step 3: Financing

RENEE PRATT talking with customer in Custom Home Studio(e)
Woman working at desk in Rotelle Studio(e)

Purchase Agreement
With all the major puzzle pieces finalized: lot, house plan, and
initial selections, it;s time to make it official and build your dream.
With Rotelle as your partner on the project, the next step is
finalizing the contract and signing on the dotted line.
Finance Options For Your Project
Rotelle has identified some of the best names in the mortgage
industry based on rates, finance options, and responsiveness.
These highly-trained professionals can advice you on the best
financing options for your new home.

  • Construction-to-Permanent Financing-most affordable
  • Traditional, “Turn Key” Mortgage-involves additional financing and costs
  • Cash

The best practice is to meet with one of our qualified lenders
to get pre-qualified for the right financing option for your
particular project. Your budget will determine if the lot and
house plan of your choosing is the right direction.

Step 4: Permitting

MIKE FRIEL sitting at desk
Multiple rolls of Architectural plans created by Rotell(e) Studio(e)


This is one of the most important steps in the pre-construction process. Rotelle takes on the responsibility of securing the required building permit(s). We do this by navigating through the various approval stages and make sure that your dream house can be built.

Where applicable, your lot purchase is contingent upon our ability to get the building permit on your piece of land. This is an essential part of our Rotelle Purchase Protection Program; we minimize the risk of your land purchase. So, if we cannot get an approved building permit due to property limitations, constraints, or detrimental information about the property, or you cannot secure financing– you do not go to settlement on the building lot/property.

Individual homesites differ in many ways from new home developments. Development communities already have the extensive infrastructure in place: sewer, water, stormwater remediation, utilities, and roadways/driveways. A custom home built outside a subdivision has a few more steps that need to be completed to acquire a building permit. This includes some or all of the following: zoning review, engineered plans with septic location, well, grading, stormwater designs, survey, planning modules, sprinkler designs, sewer designs, and percolation/soil tests.

It also requires permits for the specific architectural house plan, as well as, any applications for additional environmental studies necessary, easements, or deed restrictions.

Having Rotelle in your corner is ideal during this critical phase. The entire process can take anywhere from 120 days to 6+ months depending on the improvements that need to be done to the lot. As long as we have everything available on the lot and know about all possible, our team can give you a good estimate on timing and additional cost.
One thing to consider as you pursue building a new home: every township differs in their rules and regulations for obtaining permits. The is no standard process and some townships are more stringent than others regarding new construction.

Lot Settlement

The final step before commencing construction is the settlement on your lot:
• If you are paying cash, the title company will help you complete the purchase of your lot.
• Additionally, if you are using a lender, you will be provided the terms of the loan and a draw schedule for construction financing.
• Finally, if you are purchasing the lot and house from Rotelle, this will occur once construction has commenced.

Step 5: Build

Framing inside of Pennsylvania home
Custom home in process of being built wrapped in tyvek
Custom home framed up by Rotell(e) Studio(e)


Now is the time to see your new Rotelle home begin to materialize! Once construction begins, your house build time can take anywhere between four to seven months to complete, depending on the complexity of the design and the list improvements required by the township and county.

Your Rotelle team will keep you up-to-date on the progress throughout construction. You will be scheduled for framing and drywall walk through appointments; these (2) walks allow you to review construction along the way. We also provide you with important critical completion dates: a 30-day window for completion, a 10-day window, and a final walkthrough of your house before settlement/possession. These walks allow you a chance to review construction- and if feasible, but with an additional cost - request change orders.


Here are some of the steps in building a new home:

→ Prepare the Site and Pour the Foundation
→ Frame the House and Roof
→ Install Windows & Doors
→ Install exterior finish materials: Siding, Stone or Stucco
→ Rough-in Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC
→ Insulate
→ Install Drywall
→ Trim, Paint, and Install Flooring & Tile
→ Install Kitchen
→ Complete Interior Finishes
→ Final Grade, Driveway, and Rake & Seed
→ Acquisition of U&O
→ Final Payment & Possession

Step 6: Your Home

Custom entryway in Locust Valley pennsylvania with white walls and staircase
Shot of Craftsman style home at sunset in pennsylvania built by Rotell(e) Studio(e)
Custom living room in Pennsylvania


Once construction is finished on the home and the exterior site items are complete, the next step is for Rotelle to secure the Use and Occupancy Permit (U&O). This typical township permit allows you to move in and occupy the home permanently. To acquire this permit, all inspections must pass and escrows must be satisfied, per the township. This includes, but is not limited to; final grade, rake & seeding, paving, and passing required inspections. If weather situations beyond our control prohibit exterior items from being completed by the time of your scheduled settlement, a temporary U&O may be issued until more favorable conditions allow.

Final Walkthrough and Homeowner Orientation

Your final walkthrough is probably the most exciting part of the entire process. This is the time you finally get to see how all the puzzle pieces have come together to form your dream home! During the final walk, you will be acquainted with the mechanical systems of the home, receive tips on required homeowner maintenance, and note any issues to be addressed before the final possession.

Final Payment

To take possession or close on your home, we need to receive final payment from you (if you are paying cash for the project) or your lender.

This will happen either at the settlement table (if you are purchasing the house and land as a package from Rotelle), via a bank check or money wire from your bank. Once in final payment is received by us, we will be able to present you the keys to your new Rotelle home!


Our skilled craftsmen use proven construction methods and quality building materials to produce homes that last. During the build process, we inspect each phase of construction to ensure compliance with our building standards and local building codes. Our steadfast commitment to this process allows you to buy with confidence knowing your new home is backed by our industry-leading warranty.


Warranty and workmanship coverage begins from the date of closing and extends for a full 12 months. The structural warranty begins with the date of closing and extends for 10 Years. Manufacturer warranties are provided by the Manufacturer at the date of closing – terms vary. TRANSFERABILITY: If you sell your home during the term of the express limited warranty, this warranty automatically transfers to the next owner and any subsequent owners. For additional information, please see the site agent or a home (e)xpert for more warranty details.

Our Pledge – Your Peace of Mind.