let’s create your home from the inside out

Rotelle Studio(e) is on a mission. To help you create your home from the inside out. We don’t start with walls; we start with your ideas, then add our own, unique process that assures your home is built on time and on budget. Our goal is to make building your custom dream home a reality! We want buyers on budgets to start dreaming–to know that we can make what you set your mind to possibl(e).

Build Your Own House

Your Design/Build Experienc(e) While You Build Your Own House

custom homes chester county pa You’re planning on relocating about a year from now from your small townhome in Montgomery County, to a bigger space due to your new job position in Lehigh County. You and your partner are planning on becoming parents in five years’ time. You’ve been discussing new home designs for weeks, scouting the local real-estate market, but nothing promising has popped up.

New home construction seems far too expensive for the budget you both have come up with, but building a home seems like the best option to incorporate all of your family’s needs. Your house design is very important to you because, most likely, you will be living here for 10 years plus. Let Rotelle build you a home that is designed and created just for you and your family, customized to your needs!

If this is a situation that feels familiar and you are looking for affordable custom homes, our Design/Build Experienc(e) will lead you in the right direction to build your own house.

We are currently building affordable custom homes in the following areas in PA and even further:

  • Chester County
  • Berks County
  • Lehigh County
  • Montgomery County
  • Delaware County
  • Chester Springs
  • Radnor
  • Berwyn

Build Your Own Home at an Affordable Price

Imagine walking into Studio(e) with nothing but your custom home dreams in mind and emerging with the architectural designs and floor plan ready to be built for as little as $350,000. Your dreams don’t need to come with a hefty price tag; at Rotelle Studio(e), our purchasing power allows us to pass savings onto you. We can create truly affordable, custom homes in areas like Berks County and Chester Springs, where new home construction will normally cost you an arm and a leg. Build a home you love! Don’t put off your dream home in Radnor or Berwyn when we can get started on it today.

We invite you to give us a call at 610-572-2013 and schedule an appointment with one of our home experts to price out an affordable custom home in Chester County or another PA location that is just right for you. We can generate an itemized analysis that includes the following details:

  • Your house plan
  • The estimated site improvement costs
  • Structural details
  • Design ideas
  • And more!

If you are still undecided on a few points, we can also give you an allowance to work with later. If you have already begun looking into building lots for sale in your area, we can help you secure one right away for your new home.

About Our Custom Home Design Studio(e)

Our interactive design Studio(e) is a gorgeous rustic-chic renovated and expanded farmhouse, designed especially for our guests to feel at home and get inspired for their very own personal touches when they build their own home. Studio(e) contains several rooms that showcase various functions and styles, as well as an outdoor space to get your imagination bubbling. Take your coat off and stay a while! We want you to feel comfortable and open, able to express your wants and desires without hesitation; after all, you’re about to make the biggest investment of your life! It’s time to enjoy the process of custom, affordable home creation with Rotelle Studio(e).

Our Proc(e)ss Fits Your Everything

We will walk you through from the sketch-up to the move-in, keeping the process as stress-free as possible. We start with your ideas, your wishlist, and your expectations. There are endless customization options and architectural designs that can be added to your floor plan. By putting your ideas into play, we will show you how real dreams can be.

We will find your home site from our new home communities or from thousands of available building lots in order to build your own house. With the help of our realtor partners, finding a piece of land that meets your needs and investment level is easy. Our land experts and build professionals will guide you through the land buying experience; your backyard, your neighborhood, and the school your children could grow up in matter just as much to us as it does to you. How much space do you want to have?

We will go over financing with you and find you the best options available. With that, we will finalize your lot, your model, and your structural selections in a purchase agreement before we begin building. Once all that is taken care of, your dream home will start taking shape! Wherein, you will be taken on three separate walkthroughs: the framing, the drywall, and when it is complete. You will be able to see your new home becoming real yourself.

When the keys are in your hand, you will be able to open the door to a tangible dream and relish in the reality of it. We made it possible, and we will continue to spread our wings to share the potential with our buyers.

Express Your Styl(e) with Unique New Home Designs

new home designs chester county pa Do you have pets–kids? No matter what you’re tugging along, we can make sure you have a place for them and all of your belongings. With a pet area, a fenced in yard, a child’s playhouse, or a nursery, we have your needs covered.

From wine nooks, home bars, a library, gym, greenhouse, or breakfast banquet, we can easily comply will all of your wants as well as your needs. House design details like: skylights, balconies, chalkboard walls, window seats, and farmhouse designs can all be sifted through and tacked on as well.

Write up a wishlist and start imagining! How will you express yourself with Rotelle Studio(e)?

Come in start your design/build (e)xperience today. MAP / HOURS