Rotelle Purchase Protection Program (p3)

 Are you considering buying land and building a custom home? Have you wondered how the process works? You probably have lots of questions and some concerns. Let us help answer those questions and remove the concerns with the Rotelle Purchase Protection Program. Our program has been specifically designed not only to protect the buyer but also make their home building experience a pleasurable one.

Land Analysis-Lot Scrub™

At Rotelle Development we guide the buyer through the lot purchase process. After choosing a potential building lot, we analyze the property to determine what approvals are needed in order to obtain a building permit. After our analysis is complete, we provide you with a property report that includes estimated costs for all improvements necessary to obtain a building permit such as: percolation tests, septic designs, site surveys and on-site storm water systems.

Value Assessment – (e)valuator

 We analyze surrounding property values, and asses the estimated site costs to help you evaluate the purchase price. Our proprietary (e)valuation process helps to determine fair market value for the property.  This information helps feel confident with your offer.

How You Are Protected? 

Your lot purchase is contingent upon our ability to obtain a building permit for the. We prepare an addendum to include with your offer that essentially takes the risk out of the transaction.

  • Value – Feel confident in your offer – knowing your price is fair
  • Understanding site costs before your buy – peace of mind
  • Use our preferred lenders –best rates and lowest fees
  • If we can’t get the building permit – you don’t settle on the ground
  • If we discover any surprises during the permit process – you don’t settle on the ground

Once you have the property under contract, getting the building permit becomes our responsibility. We navigate the process through the various approval stages and keep you informed along the way.   You will be advised to settle once the building permits are ready for pick up.

See what  some had said about the process of building with Rotelle:         

“Me and Sally would like to thank you and all the Rotelle crew who helped us to build our dream home. We appreciate the wonderful and hard work that was done as well as the patience that we experience with our interaction with you and your team. We have nothing to say but good words about the work ethics and the quality of work that we saw during the building of our house. Rotelle has proven to us that high standard custom buildings can be done with minimal stress financially and emotionally. We are still amazed by the short period of time it took until the house was done. On behalf of me and my wife, I would like to send my regards to you and your team in Rotelle. We wish you the best and we will recommend Rotelle to all our friends and relatives who are looking to build their dream home.”

-Aley El-Din – Custom Home Buyer, Malvern, Pa

“Your company has a really good thing going – you have it down to a science. Rotelle should be proud of the people they have chosen to work for them and represent them. Everyone – from Anthony, Ken, yourself, to all the guys who did the work at the house, the guys who did the framing, molding, floors – the people we met choosing our cabinets, lights, flooring, etc. Every one we ran into couldn’t have been any more polite and friendly – and they all mentioned how loyal your company has been to them and what a good company it is and the quality home Rotelle builds. Thank you all again!”

-Marcella and Steve -Custom Home Buyer, Lehigh Valley