Are you looking for custom home plans in Montgomery County, PA? Rotelle Studio(e) is at your service! However, no matter where you live, there are many potential flooring plan mistakes that you won’t realize until you move into your new home. To help save you the time and money from fixing any architectural errors, learn what to avoid before beginning your floor planning.

Neglecting Proportions

If you have a large budget while designing your floor planning, it could be tempting to draft a vast home with giant living spaces and ample bedrooms. However, the time needed to clean each room will be higher than average. Smaller homes aren’t the answer either, as they may be too crowded and cramped for your family and guests. Take these details into account when selecting the size of each room and how many you’ll need to find the right balance between large and small.

Forgetting Furniture Size

It would be a travesty to move into a new home and find that there’s not enough space for your furniture, especially if you had a say in the floor plan design. Prevent this accident from happening by measuring the length and width of your existing furniture. Take these measurements into account so you won’t have to buy new furniture to fit the size of small rooms.

Not Taking Into Account Family Lifestyles

When you move forward with your floor plan design, don’t forget to think about accommodating your and your family’s lifestyle. Make a list of features you may want, such as a large living or dining room if you have frequent guests and parties. Conversely, be aware of what you won’t need or use. An extensive library might sound like something you’d want in your dream home, but if you don’t already read books often, that room won’t get used. Additionally, extra bedrooms may be useful if you plan to move in with older relatives, but having more than you need will make it more time-consuming to maintain. To take all your residents’ lifestyles into consideration, bring your family with you when you design your house plans, so their voices are heard.

Ignoring the Importance of Windows

If you aren’t careful with your floor planning, you may run into poorly placed windows. Positioning a window in a south or southeast direction will ensure they have plenty of natural light for your home throughout the day. Kitchen windows that have a view of the sunrise will help shine natural lighting on your family as they eat breakfast. Also, remember that the more windows you have, the more surfaces you need to clean. As you create your floor plan design, consider which locations will make the most of access to natural sunlight.

Leaving Out Storage Space

Something you might leave out of your floor plan design without realizing is storage space. This is a common mistake people make during their planning process, as they assume storage will only be for clothing or linen. There are essential household items that need a place to stay when they’re not in use, such as brooms and other cleaning supplies, and if there’s nowhere to put them, you’ll have to leave them out in the open where others can see them.

Poorly Planning Room Placement

While floor planning, you may feel inclined to place all your rooms in areas that are evenly spread out or appealing on paper. However, don’t assume that living in homes with design choices like that will be comfortable. For instance, a bathroom close to a kitchen or public room might appear convenient on the surface, but it will be in the direct line of sight for people in those spaces. Bedrooms may be harder to sleep in if they’re exposed to a busy road, while it will take more time to carry groceries to the kitchen if your garage is on the other side of the house.

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