Change is in the air! You can see it in the swiftly-falling leaves, you can feel it in the wind, and you will sense it in your home. With the fall season comes fall maintenance. It might not be our favorite part of autumn, but it’s important in order to keep your Rotell(e) Studio(e) home in good shape for the winter.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive home prep checklist to help you tackle your fall chores.  

Heat Up Your Home

If it’s time to turn the dial from cool to heat, it’s time to get your heating system serviced. Your air conditioning system has been working hard all summer, which means your heater’s been ignored. Call a certified HVAC technician to perform routine maintenance on your heater to make sure it’s ready to go when the temperatures drop. Don’t forget to reprogram the thermostat while you’re at it because nobody likes coming home to a cold house!

It’s also important to inspect the insulation and safety devices of your custom home in Bucks County. Poor insulation will take a toll on your energy bill. Check your attic and wall insulation, as well as all window and door seals. What’s more, replace the batteries of your safety devices, like smoke detectors and alarms. 

Get Debris Out of the Gutter

It’s nobody’s favorite task, but it’s an important one. Falling leaves and other debris can block part of the gutter, causing water leakage on the roof and the side of the house. Eventually, this will damage the interior and exterior of your home. You can easily clean gutters yourself with a trowel and a hose. 

Don’t forget to inspect your roof while you’re up there. Make sure your roof doesn’t have any holes, loose shingles, splitting, or leakage. If you notice anything that concerns you, call a residential roofing company to take care of the problem before winter sets in. 

Sweep for Santa

Indoor fireplaces and chimneys should be cleaned and inspected for safe fireside family time. If your fireplace or chimney has any cracks or splits in the brick and mortar or the damper, they should be repaired immediately before the damage spreads. Make sure the chimney does not have any debris or nesting animals blocking the pathway, as poor ventilation could cause house fires or a dangerous amount of CO2. Sweep the chimney and cap it securely to prevent more debris from getting in. Additionally, your custom home in Montgomery County or Bucks County should always be stocked up on firewood so you don’t run out of it when you need it the most. 

Fall Bulbs for Springtime Blooms 

Most gardeners agree that fall is the best time for planting new trees and bulbs. If you have a green thumb, grab some gloves and start digging in. Start by fertilizing your lawn with a proper fall fertilizer to revive the soil from the summer drought and prepare it for the winter winds. Then plant your favorite bulbs (we prefer Snowdrops and Hyacinths), so they’re ready to bloom come springtime. Play around with some fall vegetables too, like spinach and lettuce. 

All of those leaves crowding your driveway, yard, and gutters shouldn’t go to waste either. Gather them up and create compost. Compost is a great type of mulch, helping the soil retain water and nutrients better. 

Fall Decor

We hope this checklist will help you make your home safe and cozy for the upcoming winter months. If you have any questions or concerns about your custom home in Chester County or the surrounding areas, contact a Rotell(e) Studio(e) expert today!

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