Home is Where the Hearth is: How to Make Your Home Feel Inviting Before Thanksgiving

November 10th, 2017

When it comes to the holiday season–more specifically around Thanksgiving time–there’s something absolutely cozy about sharing it in a custom space all your own. With family, friends, and most of all, a Thanksgiving feast, honestly, there’s nothing better to indulge in.

At Rotelle Studio(e), we want to make your everyday feel warm, comfortable, and filled with holiday spirit. To accomplish this, we have compiled some ideas to help new homes in Bucks County, PA feel inviting.

  1. Set the Tone in the Entryway
    The inviting power of modest curb appeal is not to be taken lightly, especially when you keep in mind that it is the first impression your friends and family will have before being beckoned inside. To do this, you may consider adding a welcome mat, cleaning up the porch of fallen leaves, or even adding a leafy plant right to the side of the entryway.
  2. Use Color
    As many studies have shown, color has a large impact on feeling and can easily draw your guest’s eyes through your space. Consider the furthest point your eyes can see and make it pop with an accent color or even ambient lighting. This can pull visitors through your home and make them feel at ease.
  3. Keep Design Functionality in Mind
    There are many ways to fill a space with artsy decor, but to do it in a way that is soothing? It’s one thing have gorgeous furniture, but it’s something else entirely when your friends and family (and yourself) have to navigate through it. Make sure there is also enough space! You can have too much design and not enough functionality, which can put a damper in the mood you are trying to create for your home.
  4. Play with the Pattern
    By incorporating items like round rugs, you can avoid harsh lines. You can also add homemade-feeling qualities like quilts or soft scents to further enhance the area. Clearing clutter and stacks will also take the feeling of frenzy and stress off of the counters to relax your guests.

It is important to keep your space from feeling like a catalog by making it feel more like a home–your home. This holiday, create a place for your new home in Radnor, PA that is cozy, beautiful, and warm for your friends, family, and yourself to enjoy.