One of the greatest advantages of buying a new house is having creative control over the floor plan and the overall design. If you are looking for custom home builders in PA, Rotelle is known for working closely with its clients to create personalized residential properties tailored to the homeowner’s needs. 

This approach ensures that you, the buyer, are an integral part of the build so that you can experience maximum enjoyment of your new house. Here are several of the top ways to approach the design of your custom home

Go with the Best 

Choosing the right company to work with is an essential first step in the design process. It is important to learn what others who have hired the company have to say and find out if they were satisfied with the experience. Testimonials on the company’s website are an excellent place to start, as well as company reviews on websites with user-generated content, such as Yelp and Angi. 

Pick a Winner

Choosing an ideal location for building your new home is a crucial step. Factors such as being close to family and friends and working and playing should be considered. Also, choosing a location that is close to frequently-used travel routes and centers of business, commerce and education may be important. Or, if being away from the hustle and bustle of city life is more to your liking, you can choose a rural setting for your home site. Features of the land, such as whether it is flat or on an incline, should also be considered for aesthetic appeal and for your future landscaping projects. 

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Meet with a Professional Team 

Next, you’ll want to explain your ideas for a perfect home to a team of industry professionals who understand every aspect of the designing and building process. They can help you visualize how your needs will be met and your future home will look and feel based on your preferences. These details include exterior trim, siding, paint color schemes, windows, plumbing fixtures, and more. This step will define the overall character of your home’s interior down to the important details such as lighting fixtures, wall plates and placement of electrical outlets.

Pick a Plan 

When you work with an industry leader such as Rotelle Studio(e), you can choose from a dynamic array of distinctive home designs for a basic structure and then begin customizing as you see fit. To give yourself some ideas, you may flip through some home design magazines at your local grocery or bookstore. You can also get ideas on the company website, or if you have drafting, architectural or designing skills, you may choose to draw up a floor plan of your own to present to your builder. 

Design Your Interior 

Companies that manufacture and supply interior home features for floors, kitchens and countertops will need to be met with next. At this step, you will begin considering types of hardwood, tile and carpet – depending on which room you are designing and what it will be used for. During this step, you will also design every aspect of your kitchen down to details such as colors, trim, cabinet hardware, storage space, pantry shelving and of course – modern state-of-the-art appliances. 

Make Room 

Your home’s room layout should reflect your lifestyle. If you have kids or plan to have some on the way, be sure to design plenty of bedrooms into the build as well as guest quarters for visiting family and friends. If you love to entertain, consider an open-concept design for the house’s central gathering space, encompassing the kitchen, living room and dining areas. Also, if movie nights, listening to music and video games are your preferred forms of entertainment, be sure to dedicate a special area or room in a high-traffic location for all to enjoy. If there are several drivers in your family, especially if you like to work on cars, design plenty of garage room for your cars and hobbies. 

rotelle house with open floor plan

Place it Perfectly 

It is also important to consider your home’s directional orientation, such as whether the front door will be on the north, south, east or west side of the house. Also, think about your preferences for natural light. If you love sunshine, be sure to design the southern-facing side with plenty of big windows as well as features for capturing natural light on the east and west ends of the home during sunrise and sunset. 

Build and Inspect 

Once your home is constructed, you may have new ideas or second thoughts on certain design choices. If you stay in regular contact with your builder, you can submit these changes to your project manager beforehand so that the building schedule is not interrupted. When you work with a company such as Rotelle, you will be given three specific times for a thorough walk-through of the premises. These will take place during the framing, drywall and finalized construction phases.

Designing your home to be built and finished to meet your exact tastes and styles is an exciting part of being a homeowner. Contact us to learn more about customizing your luxury dream home.