Multi-generational house plans are becoming one of the most popular, practical, and economical designs choices in today’s world, and Rotelle Custom Homes has become the leading expert on them! The idea is that the family can live under one roof, but not entirely together.

This new trend makes perfect sense: parents move in to look after children, young adult children return home after college, and parents move in to be looked after. The value and savings is tremendous! Combine housing budgets, pay one tax bill, one grass cutting, one driveway plow — it’s a great choice for families looking to live together and share in the savings.

It all begins with a main living area starting at 1,800 to 2,200 square feet and a private apartment starting at around 700 to 800 square feet. There are also several larger plans with the additional home at about one-fifth the size of the main home. Both “homes” have private entrances and parking, but with a connected door for convenience and safety. Essentially, it equates to two houses for the price of one!

House plans designed for multiple generations include first floor master suites or in-law suites, which have more private areas for independent living, such as small kitchenettes, private bathrooms, and even multiple living areas.

With our home lots for sale in Montgomery County, PA, can you imagine what custom home you would have built for your multi-generational life? We can give each of you your own spac(e), allowing for rooms for privacy, different interior decor, and convenience.

First Floor Masters

For the older generations, avoiding stairs can be as simple as building a multi-gen master for them. In Chester County custom homes, this can alleviate the worry of anyone getting injured while also providing ease of access for them. Masters can come in pairs as well; we can design you two, or even three master bed and baths. Depending on what you need, the options are endless.

In-Law Suites

In-law suites are perfect for the ‘rents moving in as they are getting on in their years and who would like to live with their children instead of in an active adult community. This is typically within the main house as a separate living space and can include an eat-in kitchen, living room, master suite, laundry, study, and even a garage! The possibilities are only limited by your (and/or their) budget.

Combo Living Spaces for the Younger Generation

Similar to the in-law suite, an apartment within a house can be equipped with its own kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and much more. This apartment can act as its own mini house for either the younger generation or the older. It’s a perfect oasis for those who are looking to live together with their parents or children alike.

Rotelle Studio(e)’s many home lots for sale in Chester County, PA gives you and your multi-generational design plans the perfect area to build on. We will walk you through our process and help you scope out exactly what your family needs. Contact us today and let’s start dreaming up the perfect multi-gen home for your family!

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