With every home, there are always areas for improvement. Whether it comes down to a junk drawer that needs some attention or your kitchen space that needs a little update, some organization never hurts. For many homeowners, the closet can become quite difficult to maintain with more clothes, shoes, and accessories making their way in over time. Surely, it’s a struggle for most if you don’t have a system in place and feel like you have limited space available. Not to worry, though, for we’re going to walk you through some of the best-kept secrets on how to organize your closet. 

First, Declutter

Before getting down to the organization hacks, you must go through everything. By doing this, you can save so much time in the long run as well as space. Start by going through all your items and anything that you don’t foresee yourself wearing in the next two years, donate or sell. If you have any items that have been tucked away just waiting for an occasion to be worn for two or more years, consider getting rid of them too. If you sell your unwanted items, it can make space for new and desirable items in your closet, whereas if you can donate, all the better too! 

All the Hanger Hacks

If you don’t have too much space to hang up your clothes, don’t worry. Luckily, there are a few ways you can maximize your closet space, so you can fit even more. 

At-Home Tricks

In order to switch up your closet layout, some household items can be utilized in combination with hangers. For example, shower rings do more than just hold up a shower curtain. They can help you store more per hanger too, such as tanks, tees, or scarves even. If you have several packs to utilize, think of how much more closet space you could free up. 

Meanwhile, soda can tabs are excellent for doubling up on your hangers and increasing your closet space. Any that you have already used are perfect for this purpose since they would have otherwise just been discarded. Repurposing them is even better if it means a more organized closet. 

Low-Cost Solutions

One way you can fit even more in your closet is with hangable storage cubes. These can hold up to 6x (if not more) of what the average hanger can handle. The only setback with these is you will be folding your clothes instead of hanging them, but you can still find them in your closet just like any other item. 

Another is with multi hanger hooks, which can easily hold at least 5-8 garments. These inexpensive solutions only take up the space of one hanger on your closet rack, but they vertically stack garments. Because of that, you can fit more within your closet while making the best use of the space. 

Similarly, there are space-saving hangers, which allow you to hang multiple garments without the use of the hooks. These also take up less space than individual hangers and provide a unique alternative to crowded closets everywhere. 

Permanent Adjustments

If you’ve tried these solutions and you’re looking for a more significant, permanent solution, consider home design services. Here at Rotell(e) Studio(e), we work closely with you to design and build your dream home in Southeastern PA. This can include lots of built-in storage and large closets if preferred. Whatever your heart desires, know that we’re the home design company that’s here to help it come to life. Contact us today to get started! 

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