The H(e) vs. Sh(e) Shed Shindig is over. The women won fair-and-square — but they’re not the only winners! Local realtor Meredith Jacks won the Sh(e) Shed in our raffle. Then, we auctioned off the H(e) Shed and successfully raised $11,011 for Ashley Addiction Treatment.

The Charity Auction

The H(e) Shed online charity auction ran from Sept. 21 to Oct. 7. The opening bid was $5,000, and the competition was fierce for this outstanding structure crafted by the Rotelle men’s team. The H(e) Shed is the ultimate backyard man cave, showcasing our incredible architectural design services near Montgomery County. The shed features a back wall that moves to create a deck, an elevated dog bed, a glass garage door, and so much more.

Peter Rotelle, our president and owner, made the final winning bid, and we presented Ashley Addiction Treatment with a check for $11,011 on Oct. 22.

Where Will the H(e) Shed Go Now?

In 2019, we’re opening a new campground called Simply Rustic. The H(e) Shed is the first of 50 luxurious, custom-built sheds that will be installed on this pristine 45-acre land. Peter Rotelle calls it “our version of a glamp-ground.” Follow our Facebook page for updates about the Simply Rustic campground and other Rotelle projects.

Why Do We Support Ashley Addiction Treatment?

Ashley has served over 45,000 patients since its founding in 1983, including many people from the Philadelphia area. This organization works to treat every person with dignity and respect.

Ashley’s main campus, located in Harve de Grace, MD, sits on 147 acres that overlook the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Every day, their dedicated team provides comprehensive treatment for those struggling with substance use disorders. They use the latest evidence-based innovations to support patients on their path to recovery.

With this charity auction, our goal was to “shed” more light on America’s substance abuse epidemic and the healing mission of Ashley. We hope that our donation will have a positive impact on many people’s lives.

It’s Time to Dream BIG

At Rotelle Studio(e), we believe that people should pursue their dreams for a better life. Every day, our new home builders near Berwyn, PA turn our clients’ dream houses into their forever homes. Call us today at 610.572.2013 to find out more!

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